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Our Impact

Our Impact

We are constantly monitoring our results and testing new innovations to achieve scale.

Right Flourish

Our innovations are

Driven by a data-centered approach

Our model

Key indicators:

  • Total people reached
  • Direct impact on an individuals’ symptoms
  • Indirect impact on household and family
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Qualitative research and stories

Direct Impact

The Numbers

Spillover Effects

Indirect Impacts

Benefits to Individuals and Their Families

Left Flourish

Rapidly Scaling Our Reach

Innovation and partnerships have driven our rapid growth.

Focused on

We use the term “cost-per-person” (CPP) as our primary indicator of cost-efficiency. The CPP is determined by dividing our total clients treated by our total operating costs, revealing how much it costs to treat depression in one individual in Africa. As we scale our reach to hundreds of thousands of people, the cost-per-person for a full cycle of depression treatment steadily decreases.

Cost per person per year graph

Empowerment through therapy

Transforming lives and livelihoods

“Before StrongMinds intervened, I didn’t have a direction at all. I did random jobs with no thought of ever being able to have my own business. But, the therapy group gave me a chance to engage with great minds. Because of my experiences in the group, my mind-set totally changed. With the savings I made, I was able to start my own business six months after finishing therapy. It’s funny to know that it doesn’t even take that much capital to start up if you have the right advice.”