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StrongMinds mourns the passing of John Mayeya

John MayeyaStrongMinds mourns the loss of a dear friend and supporter in Zambia, John Mayeya, who passed away this weekend from COVID-19.

John was the Director of Mental Health within the Zambian Ministry of Health. He was a keen advocate for mental health and a tireless supporter of the work of StrongMinds. It was John who, in 2018, encouraged StrongMinds to start working in Zambia. John was an inaugural member of the Board of Directors for StrongMinds Zambian and a steadfast supporter of our Zambia country team.

“When the history of StrongMinds is written, John Mayeya will have a very important chapter,” said Sean Mayberry, Executive Director of StrongMinds.

Our thoughts and hearts go out to John’s family and loved ones.