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Mental Health, Infectious Diseases and Pandemic Preparedness

Mental Health and Infectious Diseases

Responding to infectious disease outbreaks and promoting resilience.

Right Flourish

Pandemics and infectious disease outbreaks are major triggers for depression.

The combination of fear, uncertainty, social isolation, economic hardships, and the loss of loved ones intensifies psychological distress.

The stigma and discrimination associated with infectious diseases can be particularly damaging to mental health.

Infectious disease diagnosis and management for an individual or family member can be an overwhelming life change, as well as a substantial economic stressor.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a 25% increase in instances of depression globally.

People with tuberculosis have depression rates as high as 40 to 70%.

Malaria is associated with depression and an increase in suicidal thoughts.

What We Are Doing

StrongMinds was at the forefront of providing mental health support to communities in Africa in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2022 ebola outbreak in Uganda, and the 2024 cholera outbreak in Zambia Our therapy model is highly adaptable to new contexts and situations, enabling us to rapidly respond to the mental health needs of communities.

Our group therapy model helps people with depression cope with the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases in themselves or family members. Good mental health and psychoeducation also serves as protective factors, supporting human resilience in the face of future events.

Support good mental health today.