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Where We Work

Where We Work

StrongMinds aims to radically expand access to depression treatment globally.

We fully embrace the responsibility to diffuse our depression treatment approach more aggressively to eventually reach every corner of the planet.

Our radical expansion of depression treatment has only just begun. Right now, StrongMinds operates in four countries globally.

We began working in Uganda in 2013, expanding to Zambia in 2019.

In 2021, we launched our work in the United States with StrongMinds America. 

Our expansion into other countries in Africa is driven by partnership opportunities, with a focus on Kenya.

Country Locations

“My sleep patterns have improved, I can eat well with no difficulty. There is love in my family. I can use the same knowledge I attained from my group to counsel others. I feel so proud that I am a peer facilitator.” – Lucia

The Numbers

Help transform lives and livelihoods through improved mental health and well-being.