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Mental Health and Food Security

Mental Health and Food Security

Linking mental health care to food security and family nutrition.

Right Flourish

Food insecurity is a significant factor associated with psychological distress.

The chronic stress of not being able to provide for oneself and one’s family, coupled with the uncertainty of future harvests due to climate change for agriculture-based communities, can trigger or aggravate depression symptoms. 

140 million people face acute food insecurity in Africa.

People experiencing food insecurity have a 253% greater risk of depression.

What We Are Doing

As women progress through our depression treatment program, they work together to identify resources they can tap to solve financial and food security challenges. StrongMinds also partners with NGOs focused on agriculture to address the mental health needs of individuals struggling with food security.

Our Results

13% increase in clients who report that they now prepare more regular meals for their children.

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