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Mental Health and Climate Change

Mental Health and Climate Change

Supporting psychological resilience in the face of climate change.

Right Flourish

Climate and environment are often overlooked triggers for depression.

Extreme weather events and natural disasters can lead to a range of stressors, including displacement, loss of resources, food and water insecurity, and uncertainty about the future.

Burdens related to climate change constitute 34% of disability-adjusted life-years in sub-Saharan Africa.

The psychological impact of natural disasters can exceed physical injuries by 40 to one.

What We Are Doing

StrongMinds provides direct mental health support to people experiencing depression resulting from environmental events and stressors, such as floods, droughts, and unpredictable growing seasons.

We are also working at the global level to highlight the importance of good mental health in fostering resilience in the face of climate disasters.

How is mental health impacted by the environment?

Environmental stressors and acute weather events can disrupt lives and livelihoods, triggering or exacerbating depression symptoms.

“Losing everything I had was a traumatic experience. But with the help of the StrongMinds support group sessions, I was able to overcome depression and find ways to rebuild my life.” – Susan, Mbale District, Uganda

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