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Integrating depression treatment into global development initiatives.

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Partner with StrongMinds

StrongMinds can help your organization integrate our depression treatment model into your existing programs, enhancing outcomes for your target beneficiaries.

Benefits of Working with StrongMinds Include:

  • Proven link to successful program outcomes
    StrongMinds has proven that by treating depression through IPT-G, other core development indicators are positively impacted, including increased school attendance and increased numbers of meals eaten. Research shows that treating depression can improve ART adherence and engagement with healthcare services, including sexual and reproductive health.
  • Fast Implementation
    StrongMinds’ expertise in implementing IPT-G guarantees a quick launch of scalable, evidence-based mental health treatment. We have experience supporting NGO and government partners to reach their ambitious targets quickly.
  • Scalability
    StrongMinds’ IPT-G model can be implemented in various formats to suit your needs and growth goals.
  • Sustainability
    Our therapy model is implemented by lay community health workers, with established mechanisms to provide rigorous training, oversight, and quality assurance, along with safe and immediate referrals for clients who need additional care. Over the years, we have refined, iterated, and strengthened our approach to ensure that our IPT-G program is as effective as possible.
  • Cost-Effectiveness
    StrongMinds has the systems, staffing, and expertise to help partners deliver mental health services at scale. There are no additional costs for new staffing, tool development, or training. We are data-driven and laser-focused on keeping the cost of program delivery as low as possible while maintaining quality service.

Good Mental Health Unlocks Potential

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects all areas of life. When left undetected and untreated, depression can prevent individuals from taking advantage of the healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities that help them reach their full potential. This has enormous consequences for development efforts across Africa, where tens of millions of people are living with depression, and an estimated 85% receive no treatment.

How We Work With Partners

StrongMinds provides technical assistance, supervision, and support to build your internal capacity to deliver depression treatment to your target beneficiaries. This multistep process includes detailed program planning, start-up tools, in-depth training, and ongoing mentorship.

After a 5-day initial training on IPT-G, partner staff are equipped to start mobilizing, screening, and treating clients for depression. The entire training and handover process typically consists of 3-6 months of on-site technical assistance provided by StrongMinds, but can be tailored as a bespoke package to meet your organization’s needs. After that time, we provide remote support, periodic refresher trainings, and assist with quality assurance.

By partnering with StrongMinds, your organization will build and retain the capacity to provide high-quality mental health treatment in perpetuity. We are the only organization offering a capacity-building approach to help NGOs address mental health issues.

To discuss how to collaborate with StrongMinds and incorporate mental health services in your activities, contact Ambrose Kanyaryeru, Head of Global Partnerships, at

Partnerships Case Study

Depression is a known risk factor for HIV transmission. In 2019, StrongMinds partnered with Pact under DREAMS, a public-private partnership that seeks to reduce new HIV infections in adolescent girls and young women in African countries.


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