for Mental Health


for Mental Health

Integrating mental health into global development initiatives.

Good Mental Health Unlocks Human Potential

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects all areas of life. When left undetected and untreated, depression can prevent individuals from taking advantage of the healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities that help them reach their full potential. This has enormous consequences for development efforts across Africa, where tens of millions of people are living with depression, and an estimated 85% receive no treatment.

Partnering with StrongMinds

StrongMinds can partner with your organization to integrate our depression treatment model into your existing programs to enhance outcomes for your target beneficiaries.

StrongMinds provides technical assistance, on-site supervision, and support to build your capacity to treat depression among your target beneficiaries. This multistep process includes detailed program planning, start-up tools, in-depth training, and ongoing staff support.

The training and handover process takes place over the course of about one year of on-site technical assistance. We continue to provide periodic quality assurance audits, refresher trainings, and remote support, as well as on-going access to current tools and best practices. The ultimate goal is for the partner to build and retain mental health treatment capacity to the highest standards.

We are the only organization offering a capacity-building approach to help NGOs and government agencies address pressing mental health issues.

To discuss how to collaborate with StrongMinds and incorporate mental health services in your activities, contact Hanna Baldwin, Director of Partnerships, at [email protected]

Key Benefits

Benefits of working with StrongMinds include:

  • Improved results for existing activities and retention of clients
  • Quick launch of scalable evidence-based mental health treatment relevant for Africa
  • Improved awareness, understanding of, and advocacy for, mental health in communities and among current patients
  • Improved ability to fund programs as a result of new skills and services