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StrongMinds works across all districts, providing therapy to adult women and adolescents in and out of schools, refugees, and incarcerated populations.

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Our Approach in Uganda

Mental Health Awareness Through Behavior Change Communications

StrongMinds Uganda leads in promoting mental health awareness, using evidence-based communication to reduce stigma and encourage health-seeking behavior.

Strategic Partnerships

Committed to collaboration, we partner with the private sector and civil society to integrate mental health solutions, demonstrating the multisectoral nature of mental health care.

Advocacy for Systemic Change

As a mental health advocate, StrongMinds Uganda actively engages in advocacy, raising awareness and driving systemic change to prioritize mental health at district and national levels.

Impactful Programs

Our evidence-based group therapy programs address the mental health needs of Uganda, offering accessible and cost-effective solutions that empower individuals and communities.

Community-Led Solutions

StrongMinds Uganda’s community-led programs empower individuals through group therapy sessions, fostering community support and resilience for long-term well-being and positive mental health outcomes.

Special Programs

The Ugandan Depression Epidemic 

46% of adolescents we screen exhibit moderate to severe depression symptoms.

Up to 25% of people experience depression.

The Numbers

Help transform lives and livelihoods through improved mental health and well-being.