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StrongMinds Reaches Half a Million People With Depression Treatment

Kampala, Uganda – Feb 28, 2024 – After ten years of work treating depression through Interpersonal Group Therapy (IPT-G), StrongMinds has provided 500,000 individuals with treatment. As depression is the leading cause of disability world-wide and 75 percent of people in low- and middle-income countries do not receive treatment for their depression, this milestone is a crucial step in delivering care and improving mental health globally. Further, it proves delivering treatment to those experiencing depression, regardless of where they are, is possible. 

“What we’ve done is show that you don’t need to live in a wealthy country to have treatment for depression,” said StrongMinds CEO Sean Mayberry. “The majority of individuals we’ve reached live in Uganda and Zambia, where there are few mental health professionals in proportion to the population. But the people here still need care, and when they get that care, not only do their lives improve, but so do the lives of their children.”

StrongMinds has reached 500,000 people through the use of IPT-G implemented by lay community health workers and volunteer community members. This model – validated by the World Health Organization – emphasizes relationships as the root of – and source of recovery from – depression. After receiving treatment, 80 percent of StrongMinds clients remain depression free six months later. 

“Our focus has been on women and girls,” added Mayberry, “because they are more likely to experience depression and because they are even less likely to have access to treatment. But when women do receive treatment, the results are exponential.” StrongMinds estimates that for every woman in sub-Saharan Africa who restores her mental health, an additional four people in her household will feel the benefits. For example, after a woman receives treatment for depression her children are less likely to miss school or meals. 

“StrongMinds has been able to reach half a million people because we believe in innovating until we get it right,” concluded Mayberry. For example, when it first began treating people with depression, each cycle of treatment was 16 weeks. StrongMinds can now provide treatment with the same levels of effectiveness over only 6 weeks, making it easier to reach even more people. StrongMinds has also deployed a task-shifting model, training government and NGO partners to provide therapy, allowing the organization to reach new populations and geographies.


About StrongMinds

Founded in 2013, StrongMinds treats depression in women and adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa. Our well-researched group talk therapy model using interpersonal group therapy (IPT-G) is delivered by trained lay community members, enabling us to reach tens of thousands of people each year. For more information about StrongMinds, please visit

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4 Levels of individual depression are assessed using the PHQ-9 screening.