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2014 Results

To date, we have successfully treated 514 women in our therapy groups!

Our team of trained and certified mental health facilitators use group interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT-G) to treat these poor women who live on $1-2 a day.  The results from our first phase are very encouraging.

Impact Synopsis

An Impact Evaluation indicates that the StrongMinds’ “Treating Depression at Scale in Africa” Phase One pilot exceeded expectations by successfully reducing the depressive symptoms in 94-97% of the patients treated using Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT-G). This decrease in depression had an impact on the well-being of the participants. During the 16-week intervention, self-employment increased by 22%, unemployment was reduced by 67%, the number of women who were able to save part of their income increased by 63%, and women eating three meals a day increased 245%.

Phase 1 Results (select link for detailed evaluation of our results):
StrongMinds Impact Evaluation Report November 2014

Phase 1 Impact Summary

  • 94% Reduction in depressive symptoms
  • 63% Increase in ability to save income
  • 245% Increase in women eating 3 (three) meals per day
  • 22% Increase in self-employment of women
  • 67% Reduction in unemployment

The single best indicator for our impact is a reduction in the rate of depression prevalence in the communities where we operate.

The negative impact of depression on afflicted Africans is enormous. Consequently, by helping patients to reduce their symptoms of depression, there are extensive positive social outcomes which include: increased energy and productivity levels, increased incomes, and improved overall health for the individual and her children. This is why StrongMinds has chosen the reduction in the rate of depression prevalence as the single best indicator to track our impact.