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10 Solvers selected @ MIT Solve’s Brain Health Challenge

Winners of the 2017 Brain Health Challenge by MIT Solve, selected on September 17th, 2017


Yesterday, after a day of great pitches and tough decisions, the Judges @ MIT Solve’s Brain Health Challenge selected 10 Winners (called “Solvers”) developing non-invasive, non-pharmacological, scalable technology solutions that:

  • Empower people to improve their overall brain health and fitness, mental well-being, and mental resiliency
  • Enable earlier, more-accurate diagnosis of problems
  • Increase access to and efficacy of treatments
  • Help build a positive, stigma-free culture in which all people feel empowered to proactively seek better brain health and mental fitness

These Solvers will now get advice and resources to help further develop and scale their solutions, including complimentary registration to participate in the 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit (December 5-7th) and interact with the broader community and industry of digital brain health and brain enhancement.

Please join me in congratulating them for their great work so far, and spend some time learning about their innovative ideas and solutions:

Read the article online at Sharp Brains.