Mental Health is a Human Right

World Mental Health Day

Over 301,000 lives transformed. 80% remain depression-free 6 months later.

Join Strong Minds in Empowering Women & Adolescents this World Mental Health Day.

Empowering women is essential to reducing poverty and building better economies. When women are mentally healthy, they can contribute to society, achieve financial independence, and accelerate positive change. Many of the young women StrongMinds treats for depression gain a new capacity for creativity and strategic innovation once they’ve improved their mental health. Sign up for our email list to receive periodic updates, inspiring stories, and more!  

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Now that Given has recovered from depression, she says she has “the courage to overcome any situation that comes [her] way.” After completing StrongMinds therapy, she now runs a small business selling pots alongside her family, enabling her to earn a living and provide for her children. She also volunteers as a StrongMinds peer facilitator in her community in Lusaka, Zambia. She wants to show others with depression that the right support makes recovery possible.