Catina “Tina” Burkett. LCSW is a Bronx, New York native. She has over 15 years of clinical experience in private practice and with community service providers, residential treatment facilities, and psychiatric hospitals. She has expertise in a variety of therapy modalities, including individual, group, and family. Tina received a BA in social work from Columbia College in 2006 and completed her MSW at the University of South Carolina in 2010. Her LCSW was earned in 2020 as was her Clinical Supervisor Certificate. She is licensed both in New Jersey and New York State.

Tina’s career in the mental health field started as a therapeutic counselor providing direct care to children with behavioral health issues in Columbia South Carolina. Later, she worked as Licensed Clinical Social Worker in a North Carolina Psychiatric Hospital where she provided care to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population with co-occurring disorders. Soon after, she accepted the opportunity to work with the United States Marines Corp in Camp Lejeune North Carolina. In 2014, Tina was a therapist for the Deployment Wellness Clinic, Intensive Outpatient Psychological Program (IOPP) where she worked with psychiatrists and nurses to assess and determine if an active duty service member with a mental health crisis needed hospitalization. Tina returned to South Carolina and opened a private practice working with children and families at a psychiatric residential treatment facility for children between the ages of 6 -19. She gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that led her to focus on the mental health needs of the BIPOC population.

Prior to joining StrongMinds, Tina worked with the homeless population in New York City, providing mental health care services on an as needed basis. She is pleased to be joining StrongMinds to help teach everyday people in the community Group Interpersonal Therapy IPT-G so they can be proactive and equipped with tools to independently address and solve depression related problems.