Godfrey Tumuhaise joined StrongMinds Uganda in January 2019. He brings 15 years of experience in the management of development programmes. He is versed in project planning, implementation and management, strategic planning, organizational policies and systems development, counseling and networking. He has worked for Avocats Sans Frontieres, African Great Lakes Human Rights Defenders Protection Fund, Regional Capacity Building Partners – RECABIP, Pamoja Africa Reflect Network, Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders on HIV/AIDS in Africa – AMICAALL and Missionaries of Africa- White Fathers; where he successfully implemented programs on Human Rights, HIV/AIDS, Education, Child Protection, Good Governance and Gender mainstreaming. Godfrey Holds a Masters in Development, Administration and Management from Kampala International University, Bachelor of Philosophy from Pontifical Urbaniana University – Italy and a Diploma in Philosophy and Religious Studies. He lives in Kampala with his wife, daughter and son. When he is not busy with work, he enjoys reading about current affairs, debating on topical issues and sometimes traveling and driving long distances.