Dena Batrice is a social worker and an activist who is passionate about human rights – especially the rights of those who are struggling with mental health burdens. Ten years ago she pursued a Masters degree in International Mental Health – with the hope that one day an organization like StrongMinds would exist to help meet the mental health needs of people all over the world. The opportunity to lead the StrongMinds Uganda team is truly the realization of a dream for Dena. She spent a decade of her career in the United States as a social worker serving people with HIV/AIDS, the homeless, substance abuse issues and those within the prison system. During the second half of her career, she has led innovative public health programs across Africa, specifically with organizations focused on orphans and vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and nursing/midwifery. Dena holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and earned a Master of Science in International Social Work from New York University. When Dena is not leading StrongMinds Uganda she is tap dancing, working on cars or building furniture in Kampala.