Charity Nkomesa joined Strongminds Zambia in 2019. In her role as Senior Mental Health Facilitator, Charity supports a team of Mental Health Facilitators in leading therapy groups in the community, while leading groups of her own. Before joining StrongMinds, Charity worked with ZAMBART PROJECT in different research programs that included population effect for antiretroviral therapy to reduce HIV (POP ART) and Tuberculosis Reduction through expanded Anti-retroviral Treatment and Screening (TREATS). She has also worked with TASO Uganda.

Charity is a professional counsellor with over 18 years of experience. She was trained by Kara Counseling and Training Trust in Lusaka and has certificates in psychosocial counseling, child counselling, supervision counselling, and training-of-trainers. Charity is passionate about helping adolescents succeed. In her spare time, Charity loves to listen to gospel music.