StrongMinds  + Momentum

Tailor your giving to your values and lifestyle.

Small Changes, Big Action

Want to get creative with your giving and have an impact?

Welcome to our partnership with Momentum, an app that pairs your giving with your spending.

You could support StrongMinds’ work treating depression in Africa by donating 10% of your own health and wellness spending, by adding a dollar to each Uber ride, or by rounding that cup of coffee up to the nearest dollar.

Enter your mobile number here (currently US only) and Momentum will text you the app.

Just walk through four easy steps and you’re on your way! Your recurring gift means more women in Africa recover their mental health. When a woman becomes depression-free, her entire family feels the benefits.

Support StrongMinds through Momentum today and rest assured that your small actions are adding up to big change for women in Africa.