StrongMinds radically expands mental healthcare for people with depression globally, but especially women. We have hit an incredible m

ilestone: reaching 500,000 individuals treated for depression. We have focused primarily on women because we saw them as the priority — women experience depression at higher rates than men do and are even less likely to have access to care. When we focus on women, the effects are exponential. Not only are they able to engage in economic activity, but their children are less likely to miss meals and they are also more likely to go to school. Because of how treating depression benefits not only the individual being treated but also their loved ones, our treatment has benefited well over a million people.


“Before StrongMinds showed up in my village, I was homeless and hopeless with my two kids, scraping for what to feed them. But meeting all these women from different backgrounds, sharing their problems, made me realize that we were all sharing the signs and symptoms of the depression. The togetherness and unity that came from being in this group made me experience what I had never experienced before. The willingness [of the group] to advise and share knowledge was overwhelming. I slowly recovered from all that stress, I got over my pride and started hawking greens on my head throughout the neighbourhood. Now I can pay my rent, send my kids to school and at the same time, we never stay hungry because even if all the greens don’t sell, I can cook them and have a meal for us.”

– Louise (28), Vegetable Seller, Mother of Two