Help provide mental health support in Africa during the COVID-19 crisis

 Your gift will help provide teletherapy and mental health support for tens of thousands of individuals in Uganda and Zambia.


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing widespread fear, anxiety, and stress and is taking a toll on the mental health of women in Uganda and Zambia, exacerbating the need for the mental health services that StrongMinds provides.

StrongMinds has treated depression in 70,000 women in Uganda and Zambia to date using our unique talk therapy approach. We are the only organization scaling depression treatment in sub-Saharan Africa. Now, we are uniquely positioned to help those suffering under the mental strain caused by the pandemic.


In response to COVID-10 social distancing measures, StrongMinds is rapidly rolling out the following mental health services:

Phone-based therapy: StrongMinds is adapting its proven in-person group therapy model to provide phone-based therapy for women suffering from depression and anxiety. Groups will meet by phone twice a week for  five weeks to address mental health conditions triggered by COVID-19, including depression, anxiety, and acute and/or persistent stress. Over the course of therapy, clients will learn about their symptoms and connect them to larger events related to social isolation and lockdowns. They will learn coping skills that they can carry forward into the future.

Mobile-based mental health messages of support: To serve the tens of thousands of people outside the communities where we normally work, we are pushing out mental health messages through WhatsApp and SMS push notifications. These messages will help individuals identify and cope with the stressors related to COVID-19 in their daily lives.

Mental health Awareness Campaign: Because of the stigma associated with mental illness, many people do not seek the help they need. We are therefore launching a multimedia campaign in collaboration with partners to educate the general public about depression and anxiety, and to remove the stigma associated with mental illness.

StrongMinds has quickly launched this response to address Covid-19 related mental distress in Uganda and Zambia, but a funding gap remains. With additional support, StrongMinds can help women in need to maintain and regain their mental health during this difficult time.

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